Who we are ?

Abu Umer Tours and Travels was founded in December 2018, with a motto to provide smooth and seamless services at an affordable cost to assist them in performing their religious duty of Hajj and Umrah.
Since our inception, we have helped many of the pilgrims to successfully fulfill their religious duty.

Our expert team of experience professionals in India and Saudi Arabia are committed to ensure that every aspect of this holy pilgrimage is executed flawlessly, and the pilgrim is in a relaxed state of mind during the sacred journey.

What we do ?

We at Abu Umer Tours & Travels, pride ourselves in providing excellent services and focusing only on one key goal to provide you exceptional services so that you can focus only on performing religious rituals with peace of mind.

Based upon the tour package that you select, we provide you with options with luxurious accommodation, which is closest to the places of worship during period of stay in holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.

This makes it easier for pilgrim to perform religious duty in comfort. We serve delicious Indian food during journey. We provide comfortable/luxurious transportation service between different points during the pilgrimage.

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